Mix these things before applying henna in hair, you will get extra benefit
Mix these things before applying henna in hair, you will get extra benefit

Ladies care for their hair the most because they see their hair adding to its beauty. In such a situation, if the hair is very good, then it is believed that the hair add to the beauty of the ladies, on the other hand, if the hair is white and tangled, then the beauty of the beautiful woman also does not emerge. Often some ladies complain that applying henna makes their hair dry.

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Although there are many options to color white hair in the market, but those products cause great harm to the hair, in this case applying henna on the hair is the best option. If you are using mehndi for coloring or conditioning white hair, then it is also important to know the right way to apply mehndi, otherwise your hair will become dry.

If your hair is getting dry due to mehndi, then while preparing mehndi paste for such hair, adding it to it will not dry your hair. Let us know which are the things that can be mixed in the henna solution before applying henna on the hair.

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Use eggs for this, the egg nourishes the hair as well as relieves dryness. In fact, eggs contain protein, silicon, sulfur, vitamin D and E which nourishes your hair. Egg has a softening effect on the hair, especially it is very beneficial for dry hair. Protein content of egg, ie its yellow part makes hair strong, while white part cleans hair.

Yes, it will definitely give a little smel, but its use will make your hair look more soft, shiny and beautiful than before. For this, you need to dissolve the entire liquid inside the egg in the henna. If you want to apply good quality mehndi then you can buy organic mehndi from home. Its market price is 75 rupees but you will get it from here at a discount of 50% for 35 rupees.

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Apart from this, mixing coffee in mehndi gives a very good color to the hair. You can use it in both powder or liquid form. It helps to color hair and hide white hair. To use as a liquid, pour some coffee in some water and boil it well. After it cools down, add the water to the henna powder and mix the mehndi solution.

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