If you have crossed the age of 30, then keep these beauty products with you!

As per your age, your skin starts to lose, due to which you do not pay any special attention. After 30, it is very important to take care of the face, because fine lines start appearing on the face due to negligence. If you reach this age, then there must be some special things. Let us know about those beauty tips.

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If you are fond of makeup then you must have a good primer. It gives a soft look to the skin and serves as a base for foundation, so that makeup stays on for a long time.

With the use of concealer, facial spots and freckles can be hidden beautifully. Applying it gives a smooth look to the face. A perfect look can be achieved by using concealer before going to a party or a particular function.

Keep such lipstick shades that suit the skin tone, which will help to enhance the look of the face. Be it a casual or party look, the lipstick complementing according to your dressing gives a beautiful look to the face. Take such lipstick, which also keeps your lips soft and last for at least 4-5 hours.

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Eye cream
After 30, the eyes need special attention. If there is negligence in taking care of the eyes due to busyness, then dark circles appear under the eyes. Due to this, the effect of age starts appearing on the face of women. That is why, to keep the eyes look beautiful, use branded or good quality eye cream. If you are afraid of using the cosmetic products of the market, then you can also remove the dark circles of the eyes through many home remedies.

Body scrub
Body scrubs are very effective in softening the skin. Looking at your skin type, you can buy body scrub from the market. If you wish, you can easily make a body scrub at home very cheaply, due to which the dead skin is also easily cleaned and your skin gets a youthful look.

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Body lotion
It is very good to use body lotion regularly to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Especially, apply lotion on the body before bathing and sleeping at night. It nourishes the skin and there is no problem of rashes, dryness, etc. on the skin.

Night cream
If your skin looks dry and lifeless then you should definitely apply a good night cream on the face before sleeping at night. The effect of this cream not only nourishes the skin at night but also helps in repairing the breakage in the skin tissue.

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