These beauty tips are special for skin with combination

In combination skin, it means that there are two types of skin. It also has dry and oily skin. For this you have to take special care. Like if some part of your skin is dry then some is oily. Your T zone is oily. T zone means forehead, nose and chin. These parts of the face are oily and the rest is dry. There can be problematic like wrinkles, pimples at the same time. Taking care of combination skin is a bit difficult. For this, we are going to tell you some tips.

Do not use soap: facial skin is very sensitive, so do not use soap. Soap makes your skin dry and skin irritation can also occur which causes skin problems. Instead of soap, use clinger or honey or milk.

Use a toner: It is important to use toner for skincare. It becomes more necessary when you have skin combination. It helps in keeping the skin balanced and shrinking open pores.

Apply sunscreen: Never forget to use sunscreen, it helps in protecting the skin. Buy sunscreen according to your skin type.

Do not touch the face again and again: Do not touch your face frequently because there are many germs in the hand which increase the size of the pores and the oil glands start producing more oil. Because of which skin problems can occur.

Use a light moisturizer: If you have combination skin, you should use a light moisturizer. It moisturizes the dry part of the face and reduces the oil from the oily part.

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