Skin Care Tips for Dusky Skin Tones

Aug 20 2019 02:48 PM
Skin Care Tips for Dusky Skin Tones

Whites and blacks are discriminated too much. A number of products are being sold, claiming to be white in TV-based ads. A variety of creams are coming up for dark-coloured people and it is claimed that the cream will enhance their colour. Black or dark-coloured girls are second to none in beauty. But if you have a dark colour, there are a few things to keep in mind.

* Don't wear black-coloured clothes- How can't you advise black-coloured people to wear brown, blue or black clothes when someone can't stop wearing pink, yellow, white coloured clothes. The light black dress looks good on such people.

* You should scrub more - the skin's colour actually comes from natural pigment melanin, which can't be reduced by rubbing with scrub or lufa.

* Don't make too much dark makeup - many people recommend black women not to apply dark makeup and red lipstick. Celebrities like Baynes, Naomi Campbell, Kesha Bushan and Tenika Davis are also not white. Tell me how they look to you.

* You look good only in black- doesn't really matter by colour. Someone has to watch. Surely that person will definitely look beautiful to you.

* You will find it difficult to find partners – many people tell people that they will have trouble finding partners because they are black in colour. Not everyone who thinks this is.

* You should bleach your skin - does really bleach make a person go blond for ages. If that were the case, why would there have been sand? Such things should not be taken care of.

* Bright colours don't suit you – obviously there are many people who recommend it for free. Tell them to change their mind first and advise them later.

* You are black but your hair is good – it is good to ignore such sayings.

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