Before committing suicide, Noor Malbika Das had shaved her hair, fans were shocked to see the video
Before committing suicide, Noor Malbika Das had shaved her hair, fans were shocked to see the video

The entertainment industry is reeling from the sudden and tragic demise of actress Noor Malabika Das, known for her role alongside Kajol in the web series 'The Trial'. On June 6, the 37-year-old actress was found dead in her flat, hanging from a ceiling fan. Reports indicate that her body was in a state of severe decomposition. Based on the initial investigation, the police have ruled it as a case of suicide.

In the midst of this heartbreaking news, a video of the actress, recorded shortly before her death, has gone viral on social media, sparking a wave of comments and speculations. In the video, Noor Malabika Das is seen at a salon, having her head shaved. She shared this video on her Instagram account. The footage shows the actress's lush black hair, and the hairdresser asking her how much she wants to cut. In a surprising move, Noor gestures to have her entire head shaved. The caption accompanying the video read, 'Protector Lover Believer.'

This video has left fans and followers in shock, leading many to wonder about the reasons behind her drastic decision to shave her head. Noor Malabika Das resided in a rented flat in Lokhandwala, where her body was discovered. It is reported that her body had decomposed significantly by the time it was found, hanging from the ceiling fan. Concerned neighbors, troubled by the foul odor emanating from her apartment, alerted the police. When the authorities broke down the door, they found Noor in a distressing condition.



The entertainment fraternity and her fans are left grappling with this tragic loss, as they remember the talented actress and seek answers to the questions surrounding her untimely death.

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