Police get big success ahead of IPL final, big consignment of betting caught

Jabalpur: Ahead of the final match of IPL 2022, the catch of bookies has started. Meanwhile, in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, the police have also been able to catch a huge consignment related to IPL betting. The police have arrested three bookies and seized Rs 70 lakh from them.

According to police, the incident took place in the Omati police station area of Jabalpur. The action was taken in flat number 605 of Muskan Height, located in Napier town, an extremely posh colony of the city. In a joint operation, a team of Crime Branch and police has arrested Inderjit Singh, Akash Goga and Ajit Goga in the case. All three of them were going to put the betting money in place.

The police said that the two brothers, who fed betting by giving links in the open web, have been associated with the illegal business of betting for a long time. Together, the two had laid a big trap of this crime. The Rs 70 lakh seized by the police is the amount of profit. These rupees were to be given to the winning bookies. This business of feeding speculation in a hi-tech manner through open web link has been flourishing in Jabalpur city for the past several days. In the recent past, the police have also raided several locations of betting king Satish Sampal. Lakhs of rupees were also seized from here. In this season of IPL, Jabalpur police has so far recovered more than 1 crore 20 lakh rupees in different actions.  

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