South Africa's pain due to restrictions, says 'getting punished'

The new variant of coronavirus, Omicron, has caused panic around the world. You must all know that many countries of the world have imposed a variety of restrictions on South Africa. In fact, many countries have banned flights from South Africa. Many States have introduced the Quarantine rule for the people coming from there. Now, in the midst of all these restrictions, South Africa's pain has also spilt over.

Recently, he has said that he is getting a "punishment" to identify the new variant of Covid. The new variant of Covid-19 B. 1। 1529 has been found in South Africa this week. On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday described it as a 'variant of concern' and has been named 'Omicron'. The new variant is said to be more contagious than the rest of the corona variant. On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says, "Those who return to England will need to undergo PCR tests and remain self-isolated until negative reports are received.''

He said that if anyone is infected with the omicron variant, all its close ones will have to remain quarantined for 10 days. However, if someone is completely vaccinated and has a close omicron infected, he will not have to remain quarantined. It has also been made mandatory to wear masks on public transport and shops. In view of this new variant, India has also issued guidelines to all states and Union Territories asking them to screen and test all international passengers at the airport. Most importantly, passengers from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana.

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