Benefits of the masturbation to body and mind

Apr 09 2019 09:11 PM
Benefits of the masturbation to body and mind

Masturbation is one of the dsomething which a large number of people may be actively indulging in around the world and several beliefs and misconceptions have also developed around masturbation over the years.there are several benefits of masturbation not just physically but also for the mind. Lets, know about them.

Lower risk of erectile issues

Unlike several misconceptions connecting masturbation to erectile dysfunction, the practice actually keeps the disorder at bay. The penis gets regular exercise and blood flow remains steady hence ensuring a better erection. Men who have sex or masturbate thrice a week are known to have less chances of erectile dysfunction.

A healthy heart

Cardiovascular health is crucial to overall well being and sex is known to contribute to a healthy heart. Turns out masturbation also as the same effect as increase heart rate and improve blood flow.

Stress relief

One of the major advantages of masturbation is that it brings down stress and can boost a person’s mood hence making it a potent tool against depression and anxiety. Neurotransmitters released due to masturbation can bring down stress and endorphin known to improve a person’s mood after sex also has the same effect in this case.

Strengthening crucial muscles

Pelvic muscles and cervix are as important as any other part of the body but they hardly get any exercise from daily activities. But masturbation is one way that these muscles can be flexed as it is also known to prevent cervical infections and cancer among women.

Sound sleep

Like sex, masturbation also leads to release of oxytocin aka the happy hormone when men ejaculate in addition to vasopressin and prolactin which act in order to calm one’s mind. This directly makes people feel relaxed and helps them sleep better.


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