Gourd peels can save from sunburn, this is how to use

Very few people like gourd vegetables, but still gourd is made in the house. Well leave the gourd, we're talking about her peel. In fact, its peel has properties that relieve the problems of health and beauty. Today we are going to tell you about them.

Benefits of gourd peel-

Sunburn or tanning - You will be surprised to know this, but the use of gourd peels can prove to be extremely beneficial for sunburned and blackened skin. And all you have to do for this is to make a paste of these peels, put it on the skin and then wash it off.

Warmth and irritation - Due to excessive heat, the skin and soles of the feet start to burn and to avoid this, you can use gourd peels. Rubbing these peels on the skin provides relief. You can use it as a result.

Haemorrhoids - Gourd peels are beneficial even if there is a problem of haemorrhoids or piles. Yes and for this, dry these peels and make a powder and consume it twice a day with cold water daily.

Gourd peels can also be used to get rid of the problem of diarrhoea.

Constipation and gas- Gourd peels contain a lot of fibre and essential elements. Yes, and eating them does not cause constipation, or gas problems.

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