Know various types and nutritional values of Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is turning out to be the most popular sugar in the young generation. They say that it is really good and effective for health. Brown sugar is an output of sucrose sugar. It is brown in colour because it contains molasses in it. Often molasses is added to completely white sugar to make it brown. This is done to lessen the production cost of sugar. The first crystallization of sugarcane produces natural brown sugar.

-Natural brown sugar is available in three types - Turbinado, Muscovado, and Demerara.
-Each type of natural brown sugar differs from another by the percentage of molasses present in it.
-Turbinado: this is made from the initial and first pressing of sugarcane. It contains natural molasses. It has a natural caramel 
-Muscovado: This brown sugar has a moist texture and strong molasses 
flavour. It is frequently used in marinades and barbeque dishes.
-Demerara: This brown sugar has a bit large grain and is pale amber in 
colour. It has sweet toffee flavour.

Nutritional Value:
-Due to the presence of water, brown sugar has a little lower caloric value by mass than white sugar.
-Molasses present in brown sugar are a good source of calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

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