Chocolate Pedicure Makes Legs Beautiful, Learn How!
Chocolate Pedicure Makes Legs Beautiful, Learn How!

We take care of the feet less, but it is as important as the face. Special care is also needed to keep the skin soft and soft, away from foot fatigue. You can clean your feet, massage and pedicure at home. For the pedicure, you can also adopt chocolate pedicure that can make your feet beautiful. It gives moisturisers to the skin. A chocolate pedicure can be easily done at home too.

Ingredients required to make chocolate pedicure at home

4 1/2 cups molten chocolate
2 cups of milk
2 teaspoons honey
Hot water in a tub
Foot Scrub
nail filer
nail scrubber
nail cutter
Nail Paint
Nail Paint Remover

Methods of pedicure

* First remove the nail polish. Cut the nails and shape them.

* Now put your feet in a bucket lukewarm water and sit down. A little rock salt can also be added to this water. Soak the feet in water for 10-15 minutes.

* Then add milk to the chocolate and make a paste. Now add your feet to this paste and relax. Keep the feet in this paste for at least 20 minutes. Wash your feet after that.

* Scrub the feet after washing them. The scrub helps in removing dead cells from the skin of the foot.

* You can make chocolate scrubs at home. Scrub the feet for 5-10 minutes. After scrubbing, clean the feet with cold water or with a wet tissue.

* Finally apply moisturizer on the legs and massage for 2 minutes. It nourishes the skin. Then apply your favourite nail paint on the nails.

Now The Benefits Of Chocolate Pedicure

Chocolate pedicure is beneficial to make the feet beautiful and healthy. It also has many other benefits. It has many benefits such as keeping the skin hydrated, removing dead cells, moisturizing the skin.

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