Benefits of 'dowry system' mentioned in the book .., a new debate started on social media"

New Delhi: People are very much on social media these days, but sometimes such things are seen which makes one think that can this even happen? In fact, a similar post is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter, in which a page of a book telling the 'benefits' of dowry has been inserted. We all know that the dowry system continues openly in the country even today, but due to this practice many women and their families have to face problems. Even after this, the benefits of dowry have been told in that book, which has now become a topic of debate on Twitter.


On 3 April, a Twitter user @chhuti_is shared this page of the book and wrote, 'College textbooks in India'. As soon as he shared this photo, a debate started on Twitter, because the page of the book he has shared has a chapter in which the benefits of taking dowry have been told. So far this post has been liked by more than 10000 people, while there have been 2.8 thousand retweets on it and people are commenting fiercely. He made another tweet in which he claimed that this book is about sociology and this book is for nurses. Its author's name is TK Indrani.


These benefits of dowry mentioned in that book :-

1. Dowry is helpful in setting up a new home for the girls.
2. In some parts of India, there is a tradition of giving household items in the name of dowry, in which many types of things like television, fan, mattress, utensils, clothes, fridge, etc., even car motor is also given.
3. Education has spread among girls due to dowry, because if girls are educated, they will do jobs, which will reduce the demand for dowry.
4. If a girl is not beautiful in the eyes of the society, then she is married to a good boy by giving more dowry.

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