Hug at least 4 times in a day, helps to reduce stress

Feb 12 2020 10:25 AM
Hug at least 4 times in a day, helps to reduce stress

Today is the hug day of Valentine's Week. On this day, people embrace their loved ones and express love. When people are happy, they embrace their loved ones, and when they are depressed, they also embrace someone. Hugging is said to be the best feeling in the world and there are many good benefits of hugging. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of hugging and how many times you should hug in a day.

We need to hug at least 4 times every day- We need to hug at least 4 times every day to survive. Yes and not only that, if you want to be nurtured properly and do not have any problem in living, then you need to be hugged at least 8 times every day. On the other hand, if you want to grow well, then you should be embraced at least 12 times every day.

By doing hag, the child's brain is smart - It is said that hugging the child by parents is very beneficial for his growth and health. Indeed, when the parents embrace the child, it positively affects the senses of the child, making him smart.

Reduce stress - Hugging can reduce stroke. In fact, hug immediately reduces stress and it also alleviates loneliness. It is said that when we hug someone, the level of stress hormone cortisol decreases, which reduces stress and brings peace to the mind.

The heart stays healthy - It is said that the stress hormone cortisol present in the body works to increase blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart-related diseases. With this, it has been revealed in many studies that if you hug someone regularly then your cortisol level comes down and thus you can protect your heart from diseases.

Mood Changer- It is said that when you hug your partner, serotonin starts to be produced in large quantities in your body. At the same time, serotonin is a chemical that is necessary to keep our mood better.

The body gets rest - It is also believed that our muscles get stretched all over the body while doing some hag and this helps the body to get rest.

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