Eat mint like this in summer, will stay fresh and healthy

Peppermint is used in most of the houses during the summer days. Yes, and people use mint in many types of recipes and drinks during the summer days. Yes and peppermint not only enhances the taste of that dish but it is also very good for health. In fact, in summer, peppermint helps to keep the body cool and at the same time, the consumption of mint also keeps the problems related to the stomach away. It is said that it is best to use mint on the summer days, you can make chutney, raita, juice, and detox water from it. Actually, mint leaves contain elements such as iron, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, and B-complex, protein, which benefit the body in many ways. Along with this, mint leaves help in reducing weight. Now today we tell you how you can use mint and what are its benefits.

Detox water- From mint leaves you can prepare mint detox water. During summer days, it helps to remove the dirt of the body. To make it, you have to put together mint leaves, apples, pomegranates and lemon and prepare the juice well. After that, drain it and consume it. Yes and this will detoxify the body and help to keep the weight under control.

Peppermint Moito- Drinking mint and lemon water help to keep the body cool in the summer. Yes, and it's called Peppermint Moito. You can lose weight by drinking it. In fact, drinking Pudana Moito in summer does not cause stomach problems. Fresh mint leaves, lemon and black salt are needed to make it.

Mint Raita- One must consume curd or things made of curd in the summer days. By consuming curd, there are no stomach problems and the body also remains cool. At the same time, yoghurt is very beneficial for health. Due to this, in the summer, it can be made by mixing mint with curd. By drinking the raita of mint, heat stroke and heatstroke can be avoided.

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