Benefits of tea in beauty and hair

Jun 11 2018 11:38 AM
Benefits of tea in beauty and hair

What is your first reaction when somebody calls out…tea?
Tea has some extremities with an Indian heart. The connection is unbreakable. While there are multiple reasons why Indians can’t say no to drinking, be it the taste or aroma. I have a list of more reason to keep tea in your life because you know what? Tea is life.
Tea has various benefits, it is antioxidant, good for skin, for hair and a lot more.
1.  Removes Dark Circles
Tea has some amount of caffeine. Caffeine can shrink the blood vessels, this can be a really good substitute for dark circle removal creams. Take tea bags and soak them in water to wet them completely, lie down on the bed and keep it on your eyes. perform this activity regularly for better results.

2. removes Blemishes and sunburns
Tea can help you get rid of the blemishes and sun marks from the continuous exposure to light because of the presence of tannic acid inside it.
Apply the wet tea bags on the affected area or else boil the tea, let it cool. wet a towel and then apply to the desired area.

3. Use as A Toner

Sometimes the body colour varies all over, it may be because of irregular exposure to the sun. The marks hardly leave but there is a perfect escape to them. Use tea bags and cover the affected area. It has astringent properties and could be really good to tone your skin.

4. Use as A Scrubber
Do not throw your tea bags just like that. Use the used tea bags as a scrubber to remove the blackhead from your skin and make it smooth. It will leave your skin moisturised. The soft experience will leave you wanting for more.

5. Soaks Up Extra Oil

The tea has antimicrobial properties as well, you may apply tea if you have pimples because it fries the skin and gets rid of extra oil surfacing on the skin.

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