This Bengali actress tests positive for COVID

Very prominent Actress Anjana Basu has now joined the line who has been tested positive with COVID. She has a fever, as well as a sore throat and a few other symptoms. Anjana was promptly isolated and tested for COVID, and according to sources, she tested positive for the virus. The actress is confined to her house.

Anjana has been hard at work filming two television series. In the film 'Mon Mane Na,' she portrays a wealthy and powerful politician opposite Pallavi Dey and Samm Bhattacharya. Anjana also has a key part in the freshly debuted TV programme 'Pilu.' Soon after she began to experience the symptoms, the senior actress withdrew from the filming.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID cases in the Bengali entertainment industry has risen significantly. COVID has been detected in a number of cast and crew members, technicians, and artists from various television production units. Indrasish Roy of Dhulokona and his wife Souravi have tested positive for the virus and are being quarantined at home. After testing positive for COVID, actor Indranil Chatterjee, who is now working on the show 'Aaye Tobe Sohochori,' would be unable to attend the shoot.

Sourav Ganguly, the host of 'Dadagiri Unlimited Season 9,' has recovered from COVID and has resumed filming. The latest COVID report for Raj Chakraborty and Subhashree Ganguly came back negative, and the couple's isolation time ended as well. Rukmini Maitra, Dev's girlfriend, has also recovered.

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