AC Helmet: Bengaluru techie designs AC helmets to make rider comfortable

Sep 12 2019 03:16 PM
AC Helmet: Bengaluru techie designs AC helmets to make rider comfortable

The helmet keeps us safe while driving a two-wheeler, but sometimes the confusion of wearing it bothers people. The heat after wearing a helmet is a big problem. However, a mechanical engineer from Bangalore has solved your problem. This engineer has made a special AC helmet, which will keep your head cool while driving a two-wheeler. 

For your information, the director of a multinational company, Sandeep Dahiya, is fond of making user-friendly products. In the process of preparing an AC helmet, his home garage turned into a workshop. Sandeep designed 8 different models in four and a half years. After this, the perfect AC helmet was able to be made. They named it air-conditioned. This AC helmet works on DC power (12 volts) supplied from the battery of the bike. No other external energy is required for the cooling effect.

Engineer Sandeep Dahiya, director of a multinational company, is fond of making user friendly products. In the process of preparing an AC helmet, the garage of his house turned into a workshop. This helmet named Air Conditioner weighs about 1.7 kg. At the same time, the weight of most helmets found in the market is in the range of 800 grams to 2 kg. The AC helmet has two parts. These include one part rubber tubes, which act as air circulation inside the helmet. The second part is worn as a backpack. The wear unit includes a reverse thermo couple, heat exchanger, control and blower.

According to media reports, the heat exchanger takes care of correct air-cooling. There is no need for ice or water for this. The heat exchanger (used in spaceships) has a semiconductor, which helps to reduce the temperature. There is no power supply in the helmet, but it has air circulators in the form of rubber tubes. It is connected to a working AC control device like a remote. Sandeep goes from his home to office wearing his AC helmet while running a two-wheeler. He has been testing this special helmet for a month. He told, 'Many people ask me what I carry on my back and when I tell that this is an AC helmet, people are shocked.'

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