Young man shed BMW car worth 1.3 crores in river

New Delhi: A shocking case has been reported from Karnataka. In fact, the people of Srirangapatna here lost their senses when they saw a red BMW car flowing in the river. In fact, seeing the car flowing in the river here, at first people considered it an accident and immediately informed the police. Not only that, the locals alerted the rescuers who were taking a dip in the river to see if anyone was trapped inside. In this case, when the rescuers confirmed that there is no one inside the car, then the people got cold.

The police then pulled out the car that was submerged in the water. However, after all this happened, a shocking revelation happened. After removing the car, it was found that it was the BMW X6 and its price in the Indian market is around 1. It is Rs.3 crores. When the reason for people drowning in the river of this car came to the fore, it was very shocking. In fact, when the police investigated the car after taking out the car, the information received from the transport department revealed that the car belonged to a person living in Mahalakshmi Layout in Bengaluru.

The man was later called for questioning, but the authorities did not get a proper answer. However, the man's family members said he had been in depression since his mother's death, which led to his decision to shed his BMW SUV in the water. After all this happened, the police, after recording the statements of the family members of the person and no complaint was lodged, released the person and returned the BMW X6 SUV taken out in the water to the man's family. BMW's X6 SUV is one of the most expensive cars of the German luxury car brand in India. Yes and the price of this model is ₹1. Starts at 0.5 crore (ex-showroom).

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