VIRAL VIDEO: At wedding ceremony, groom-bride funnily groove on music

Jun 07 2021 11:27 AM
VIRAL VIDEO: At wedding ceremony, groom-bride funnily groove on music

Funny videos are always going viral on social media. Sometimes some videos are damn funny, some are just shocking. Moreover, sometimes there are videos that are hard to believe. After watching this video you won't be able to control your laughter. Well, we all know that the wedding day is very special for every bride and groom. In such a situation, everyone saves millions to make this day memorable.

Some people do commendable work, and some do things that make fun of them. In the meantime, a video of the wedding is going viral and you will say, 'Really, the pair makes the one above'. In this video you can see a bride and groom start dancing as soon as the song plays. Meanwhile, the two start dancing when they see each other. The video shows that the dance of the two is so powerful that people are saying that the horoscope seems to have got entire 36 qualities.

Now that the video has gone viral, people cannot stop laughter and fiercely reaching out to this video fir fun. One user commented, "Looks like they've met in DANCE INDIA DANCE." Another user wrote, 'This is the best thing I've seen this year, amazing!' 

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