Makar Sankranti: Best Make-up according to eyes shape

The festival of Makar Sankranti is coming up and the girls are all set to look stylish on this day. So today we are going to tell you how you can do eye makeup on this day according to the shape of the eyes. Let us know.

Big eyes- If your eyes are too large, use a light shade in the upper part of the eyes and a deep shade near the eyelids to give them the perfect shape. Don't take the mascara pencil or eyeliner outside the corners of the eyes during this time, otherwise, the eyes will look bigger.

Small Eyes- If your eyes are small, do eye makeup that makes your eyes look bigger. Apply light coloured powder eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eyelid for this. Apply dark eyeshadow to the crease. At the same time, do not apply any colour on the inner edges of the eyes, otherwise, the eyes will look smaller. Apply light grey mascara now.

Close-set eyes- The distance between such eyes looks less and the two eyes look almost adjacent to each other. Apply light eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eyes and intense colour on the outer corner. On the other hand, apply eyeliner on the upper eyelash starting from the thin line, applying a thick line on the outer corner. At the same time, while applying mascara, make sure to apply more coats on the outer corner. Now extend the eyebrows outwards with the eyebrows pencil.

Round eyes- Dark eyeshadow is perfect for such eyes. For this, apply eyeshadow starting from the inner corner of the eyes and blending well up to the outer corner of the brow. Now apply light shadow or pencil on the lower eyelid and apply it pulling upwards to the outside. Then highlight the brow bone with a muted highlighter.

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