Best Outfit Ideas for Rainy Season

Rainy Season is one of the most soothing seasons which brings the feeling of Joy and Happiness but it also brings mosquitoes, a humid environment and temperature. Therefore comfort plays a very important role in the rainy season and comfort comes from the outfit we wear. It is important to choose your outfit wisely in the rainy season by considering the natural factors. These are some useful which you need to remember before choosing your outfit.

Dark Color clothes: It doesn’t matter if you are using a raincoat and umbrella or not but if the rain comes at least a few drops of it will fall on your clothes and it make your look uncomfortable so try to wear dark colours as it will not highlights the scars of rainwater.

Organic material clothes:  Wear clothes made up of organic material as in an environment full of humidity and mosquitoes it will help you to be comfortable.

Avoid Tight-fitting clothes: Avoid wearing tight tops and jeans as they are not comfortable and trap moisture which results in unnecessary itching.

Practical Clothing: Not to wear too long or too short clothes as both are very uncomfortable. Wearing long clothes on a muddy road is not a good idea and wearing short dresses result in the biting of insects. So wear knee-length dresses or loose jeans.

Floral Print: Bright colour and floral print clothes create the feeling of freshness and it also helps to lighten your mood.

 Cotton is Best: Comfort and fashion both are important. Cotton is a very comfortable material so try to stick to it as much as possible. You can wear trendy clothes like joggers, tops made up of cotton for a fashionable look.

Choose comfort and fashion both in this Rainy season by following these tips. Stay beautiful, healthy and comfortable.

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