Best Places To Skydive In The World
Best Places To Skydive In The World

1. Mount Everest, Nepal

Whenever you wished to go skydiving, you must have imagined yourself between the blue sky and land or water at the ground. Now let’s change the scenario and place craggy mountain peaks on the ground. That is one hell of trepidation, one would agree! Jumping from a height of 23,000 ft above the ground, this venture is no joke.

2. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Are you an admirer of human-made marvels? Even if you’re not, you’ll be awestruck with an aerial view of this architectural prodigy. To have the best experience in skydiving and to enjoy the enchanting view of the desert, sea and the skyscrapers, you’ll have to book at Skydive Dubai, well in advance. Because, you know,

3. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

In the remote Westland Tai Poutini National Park of New Zealand’s South Island, flows a 13 km long glacier called as Fox Glacier. New Zealand is a land of amazing sceneries, and adventure sports and Fox Glacier helms the king of all adventures- Skydiving!

4. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is a well-known paradise for adventure seekers and adrenaline-rush lovers. Composed entirely of islands, rainforests, and mountains, the aerial view of this-this beauty is a Magnifique sight to behold. A skydiving experience in Hawaii is a must-go destination for any adventure junkie! Run by a veteran company- Skydive Hawaii, a diverse range of 8,000 ft to 20,000 ft is available.

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