Only you and your adorable kisser partner would be the part of these secrets!

Kissing not only gives you the loving feeling, and the thing to be thought is, 'What you feel, which type of kisser both of you are?'. We all have different ways to show our love, by pampering, by kissing or by staring, but the way you clearly shows the way of your love.

Some of the facts written below will show you are you both fit into the category of 'best kisser'.

#1 Keep your lips smooth and spongy, as no one would enjoy the kissing rough and chapped lips.

#2 Make the romantic environment and show your love with your hands and body.

#3 Bite his lower lips in the middle of kissing but remember that the bite should be smooth and sexy, as pain can spoil your romance.

#4 Bite on his year, kiss on his neck and stroke his hair lovingly.

#5 Don't have a tongue fight, rather just love each other through the soft touches.

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