Best Travel Movies to fuel your Wanderlust
Best Travel Movies to fuel your Wanderlust

Do you always crave to roam under and explore? I bet you do and if you do not these movies will make you want to. Movies are the easiest and may I say the cheapest way to explore the creeny crannies of the world. Especially those falling under the travel genre. So if your inner self craves to just go and travel your heart out, however, your schedule does not allow you to, these movies are for you!

Into the Wild (2007)

Living up to its title, "Into the Wild" is about a college graduate named Chris McCandless (Emile Hirsch) with high education in the wild, who wants to escape society to go on a long adventure to Alaska. Along the way, he met some new friends that are so nice, so lively, and has a few personal backgrounds to tell.

It is about a young man going on a lengthy adventure to the great outdoors, sharing exposition about Chris (a.k.a Alexander Supertramp) and other characters, and that's about it. Although, it does convince me to get outside an adventure myself. "Into the Wild" is a decent film that takes you on a long adventure to Alaska with gorgeous cinematography and solid performances by the cast who played nice characters.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

The geographic scenes in Tuscany, Italy, Francis' divorce, the new Romance, the sweetness of the many friends -characters that help Francis along the way in Italy, from buying the house to her new friendships, and the contractors who built her new renovations. And it proves that some dreams do come true if we believe in them. I liked Francis's character so much in this movie. She was humble, friendly and helpful towards others, intelligent, and knew how to survive on her own and heal her hurts of the past. Diane Lane was a perfect choice. I wish I could meet her.  The humility of the contractors who restored her house was also a great choice. A beautiful movie. I watch it over and over again when I eventually want to travel to Tuscany.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Julia Roberts, in the role of Elizabeth, was the main actress in this movie. Throughout her journey, she displays true resilience and strength as she moves through the many challenges that surround change, including doubt, fear, loss, and uncertainty. I hold the opinion that a complete transformation is worth the risk. In other words, this movie tells us that we have to work against our anxieties, even though it is not easy and conformable because the potential to improve is worth anything. In addition to that, the scenery was stunning, as filmed in the cities of real life. Julia Roberts has done a fantastic job of taking it to the audience. First, once born, a baby only knows how to “Eat”. Second, once grown up, he/she will learn how to “Pray”, and accept the existence of God. By praying, a person will walk on the right path and will start learning how to “Love” him/herself. Finally, by loving yourself, you will have the ability to love life with all its components and love everyone else despite all the problems that might face you. At the beginning of this movie, Elizabeth thought that she had everything, but in reality, she had nothing. Fortunately, in the end, she discovered true pleasure, the power of prayer, and finally the inner peace and balance of true love. 

The Big Year (2011)

Jack Black, Steve Martin, Rashida Jones and Owen Wilson take you on an adventure of a highly competitive niche hobby that shows how it can create, destroy or maintain relationships. It really takes talent to make something so inane be as powerful as this is. That said, it only goes so far. They took a story that had the potential to be absolutely awful and turned it into a good movie, but it's not great. Unless you love birds or "birding", it's just hard to get fully behind this one. It was a good watch, I enjoyed it, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be surprised, but I don't see myself watching it again.

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