Eight arrested for smuggling diamonds in capsules

Jun 06 2021 12:32 PM
Eight arrested for smuggling diamonds in capsules

Betul: The global epidemic corona crisis in Madhya Pradesh is beginning to subside but crime cases have not subsided in the meantime. Day by day, there is a mention of some unexpected incident. Criminal activities are also continuing in the state these days. Meanwhile, police have arrested 8 accused of a diamond smuggling gang from the spot in connection with the robbery of a Chhindwara businessman. Yes, as per the recent information received, 8 accused of the diamond smuggling gang have been arrested by the police.

What is the matter- Yes, in fact, there has been a serious incident with Prince Soni, a businessman from Chhindwara, in the recent past. According to the incident, the trader had come to Betul on May 31 to buy diamonds from the accused. Here are 2 about buying diamonds from the accused. 50 lakhs and the trader had talked about buying more diamonds. At about 3 p.m., the Prince returned to the place. Here the accused then showed him the diamonds and after investigation, the Prince said, 'These diamonds are not of high quality. Thereafter, there was a dispute between them on which the accused attacked the traders and asked them to do 2. Five real diamonds including Rs 50 lakh in cash were looted and fled.'

After all this, the businessman lodged a police complaint. On receiving the complaint, the police have also taken action and scanned the old criminal records of the accused. On Friday night, the police raided the house of accused Karan's father Shantilal Jharkhand and the said goods were also seized from him.

The accused have since arrested other accused on karan's trail. District SP Simla Prasad said that the accused told the interrogation that the accused used to bring diamonds from sarafa traders from Nagpur in Maharashtra. The diamond was then loaded into capsules of the drug and supplied. For this, the accused used to take out the medicine from the capsule. After that, they used to add diamonds and supply them. Even the police did not stop seeing the capsule.

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