Careful! beware of the messages coming on whatsapp can empty your bank account

May 01 2021 04:12 PM
Careful! beware of the messages coming on whatsapp can empty your bank account

In this age of internet, online fraud cases and cybercrime have picked up even more. There are a lot of online ways that make you prone to this danger. You have heard a way to commit a fraud in which the fraudster sends you a message tracking delivery and if you click on that link, your bank account gets paid.

Fraud: This case has been heard in the UK where a message called FluBot is being shared. This message contains information related to tracking delivery. This message is being called to download an app from the given link. If you download this app or this app can steal your personal data such as passwords, banking details and contacts. This app is absolutely a fake app used by fraudsters. People who cheat using this app steal your money from your account.

Ways to avoid fraud: According to reports, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has announced security guidance to identify the fake app UK to avoid this fraud and has asked people to be vigilant to avoid this fraud. A network provider company like Vodafone has asked its customer to be careful with this fraud. Consumers who have downloaded this app should reset their phone immediately. Doing so will prevent your personal information from reaching out to fraud and will not lead to any fraud with you.

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