Beyhadh 2: This person pushed Maya on the bed and cut her hair

Feb 14 2020 06:16 PM
Beyhadh 2: This person pushed Maya on the bed and cut her hair

Jennifer Winget's name is popular in the TV world. Her popularity can be gauged from the fact that her new show is very popular. Beyhadh 2 is giving a new dimension to the word 'revenge'. While on one hand love is brewing between Maya and Rudra, MJ and Manvi's (Maya) bad past is causing trouble. In the latest episode, we saw how Maya tried to confront MJ. And he tried to use his weakness to defeat her. We also came to know why Manvi married Rudra and preferred to become Maya Rudra Roy over Maya Jaisingh.

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While Maya is trying her best to leave her past behind, she is unable to overcome it in any way. She opens her heart to her husband Rudra about her insecurities and apologizes for not moving on from her bitter past. However, like a companion, Rudra comforted her and understood her pain. He said that he respects her decision and consent. He promised her that he would stand by her side and they would not take their married life to the next stage until she is ready.

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In tonight's episode, MJ's presence will again make Maya uncomfortable. MJ will try to threaten her again and use his fraud to instill fear in her mind. As soon as Maya is sitting alone in her room, repenting her past, MJ will come inside. He will bring a scissor with him and push her to bed. And will cut her hair. MJ will cut Maya's hair and break Maya badly. MJ further says that she will not be able to muster the courage to marry her son and go to Roy Mansion. As soon as MJ cuts her hair, she becomes frightened and Later, Rudra enters the room.

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