Beyhadh written update: A split comes between Saanjh and Suman, Arjun makes a shocking statement

Oct 18 2017 04:47 PM
Beyhadh written update: A split  comes between Saanjh and Suman, Arjun makes a shocking statement

The episode opens with Arjun confronting Maya about poisoning Simbha's milk. On being questioned, Maya tells everyone that she couldn't have done it as she herself was going to drink that. Then she blames Suman for the deed and tries to make Saanjh confess the same, as she knows that it was Suman who had poured out the milk. Suman denies it. Maya then detects an odd smell on Suman's hands and then she shares with everyone that the same smell is emanating from the glass of milk. She points this out to Arjun and Saanjh.

A heated argument follows after this exchange. Maya then tries to convince them that the unborn kid in her belly is her only chance to turn her life around. After Maya's passionate appeal, Saanjh falls in her trap and questions Suman about the smell. At this, Maya's monologue discloses how she managed to land Suman in this predicament.

Suman is left speechless at being questioned by Saanjh. Arjun steps in to make it clear that Maya is responsible for this drama and that they can expect more such ugly episodes in the near future.A rift comes in place between Saanjh and Suman. Jhaanvi tries to make them patch up by trying to drill some sense in Suman. She reads into Maya's plan and stresses the importance of presenting a joint front in order to fight her schemes.
In the next scene, Arjun is seen playing with the dog. Maya joins him and thanks him for saving her. At this, he tells her that he hates her and she can forget about getting close to him ever. Maya, as expected, refuses to give up on her quest and resolves to continue on the road that she has been walking on.

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