The month of Bhadrapada has started, do not do this work even by mistake
The month of Bhadrapada has started, do not do this work even by mistake

Bhadrapada month is going on at this time. Let us tell you that according to the Hindu calendar, the month of Bhadrapada comes after Sawan and this month is also called the month of Bhadapada. In such a situation, you must have known that Bhadrapad is considered the second month in Chaturmas. If we look at it religiously, then the month of Bhadon is considered to be associated with the birth of Lord Krishna. In fact, Lord Shri Krishna was born in the month of Bhadas in the Taurus Ascendant of Rohini Nakshatra and says that it is forbidden to do certain works in the month of Bhadrapada. Now today we are going to tell you about those things. Let's know.

Do not sleep on beds  - It is said that one should not sleep on beds or beds in this month. With this, according to the rule that is in this month, you should sleep by laying a mat on the ground.

Do not consume these things - it is said that meat, honey, jaggery, green vegetables, radish and brinjal should not be eaten during the month of Bhadrapada. Actually, doing so causes health problems. Let everyone know that this month is considered auspicious for Sadhana.

Do not consume drugs - It is said that consuming drugs is harmful for health. In this month, especially the intoxicating things should not be consumed. If you consume narcotics, then abandon it in this month.

Do not eat fatty food - It is said that you should avoid eating things made with oil in this month. Because the digestive system is weak at this time. At the same time, there is a rule that during this month, eating spicy things should be avoided.

Do not do this work- It is said that during this month, you should also avoid lying.

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