Watch Bharatpur Girl knocks down Eve Teaser

A young girl in Bharatpur was very upset due to eve teasing by a man. The girl showed her courage and she beat up the man who was teasing her. A young man got heavily got beaten to make obscene statements about the woman. The girl was preparing for competitive exams and practised running in the area, said Rajesh Kumar, SHO, Kotwali police station area.

During the incident, the young man continued to apologize. When the people started gathering, the incident was spread around. At first, the young woman did not pay attention, but when the young man repeatedly commented, the young woman grabbed her collar while making a noise and beat her up. 

The crowd gathered there listening to the noise. After this, the woman started beating the young man. When the young man tried to escape, the crowd caught him. The young man started apologizing when the mind came to the place, then the young woman got quiet. 

She was seen in the video saying, "Main yaha mehnat karne aati hu aur tu mere naam kharab karega."

After this, the crowd started slapping the young man but no case was registered against him in a police station, he managed to get rid of it somehow. After the incident, the local people praised the courage of the girl and said that there is always such incident taking place in such places. Kotwal BBD Juyal said that no such incident is currently in the cognition, but Cheetah team has been installed from Patna to Patna from morning till evening around Gandhi Park.

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