Bharti Singh apologized with folded hands, know what is the matter?

Comedy queen Bharti Singh always works to make people laugh. She manages to bring a smile to any person's face within minutes. Yes, Bharti's spot response and her funny jokes bring a smile of happiness even on the faces of sad people. Although Bharti once said something funny on the beard-mustache, whose videos are now going viral. At the same time, Bharti is also being trolled fiercely because of them. However, after the trolling, Bharti has now clarified her comment and said that she did not intend to hurt anyone.

Actually, TV actress Jasmin Bhasin appeared as a guest in a comedy show of Bharti. During this, Bharti was seen jokingly saying to Jasmine – 'Why don't you want a beard and mustache. If the beard is put in the mouth after drinking milk, then the test of vermicelli comes. Many of my friends who have just got married, they spend the whole day taking out lice from their beard and mustache. As soon as this video of Bharti came out, she started trolling. At the same time, Bharti Singh has shared a video on her Instagram handle and told people that, 'He has not made this comment about people of any religion.'

In fact, in the video, Bharti said- 'One of my videos is becoming very viral and people are sending me and asking that you joked about beard and mustache. I am watching that video again and again for two days and I will also ask you to watch that video too. I have never spoken about any religion or any caste that people of this religion keep beard and this is a problem. I have not told any Punjabi that they have a beard and there is a problem. I was speaking in general. Was doing comedy with my friend. Everyone has a beard and mustache nowadays. But if my words have hurt people of any religion, then I apologize with folded hands. I am Punjabi myself. I was born in Amritsar. I will keep the pride of Punjab and I am proud that I am Punjabi.

With this, Bharti has written in the caption with her video - 'I do comedy to make people happy, not to hurt anyone's heart. If I have hurt any thing, then forgive me considering it as your sister.

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