Bharti Singh's husband wants 4 kids, comedian gave this reply that...
Bharti Singh's husband wants 4 kids, comedian gave this reply that...

Famous comedians of the TV world Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa are the most talked about couples in the entertainment world. The two love each other immensely, but they make fun of each other together. Bharti and Haarsh are husband and wife as well as best friends. The two share everything with each other. But recently Haarsh expressed a desire to Bharti, which even Bharti lose consciousness.

The same Haarsh told Bharti that he wanted four children. In fact, Bharti and Haarsh are also very active on YouTube. When the couple was recording a video for their YouTube channel LOL (Life of Limbachiyaa), Bharti said what is the plan for Haarsh's family. In their new video, Bharti and Haarsh were seen talking about their upcoming baby. Due to this, Bharti said that Haarsh says that if he likes the experience of parenthood, then those people should plan children again after a year or two.


To this wish of the same Haarsh, Bharti gave a strong reply and said that children are not a vegetable, if they like, they can do more. Bharti said- Isn't a vegetable that if you eat and have fun, everyone will make it more. It wouldn't have been like that. Bharti further said- I can't sit at home for so many months. I'm a free girl. I want my right. I'll go out and work. On Bharti's statement, Haarsh tells her how many children his mother has. In response, Bharti speaks three. On this, Haarsh tells Bharti that he should go ahead of his mother and have four children. To this, Bharti laughs and gives a strong reply - I will not compete with my mother. The mother is the mother. This video of the two is fast going viral on social media.

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