Bhartiya Skill Development University plants over 300 trees in memory of founder Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi
Bhartiya Skill Development University plants over 300 trees in memory of founder Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi

Bhartiya Skill Development University today organized a tree plantation drive in the memory of Chairman and Founder, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi at its campus in Jaipur. Students and faculty planted over 300 trees around the BSDU campus. Students were then assigned as guardians of one plant each wherein they will look after these plants as they grow and make sure that the plants are being watered regularly and cared for. BSDU’s Vice Chancellor Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla and Provost Dr. Ravi Gosain and other faculty members were present at the event.

The plantation drive was organized by BSDU in memory of its mentor and guide, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi. He was a role model to the university who worked every single day for the betterment of the country and the youth at large. Dr. Joshi has left behind his legacy of empowering the youth of India by skilling them.

BSDU is also trying to bring attention to the environmental crisis that the world is facing and point out how planting more trees can be a small step towards protecting the environment. Students and faculty also took an oath to stop the usage of plastic in order to reduce plastic wastage on and off campus.  Students pledged to stop use of plastic and use natural products such as paper or cloth bags, paper packaging etc. BSDU is trying to stop the use of single-use plastic and students also learned the importance of reusing, reducing and recycling.

Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla, Vice Chancellor, Bhartiya Skill Development University, said, “We are saddened by the loss of our Chairman and Founder, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi as he was the pioneer of modern skilling and we plan to follow his vision to empower the youth of the country. Here at BSDU, in remembrance of our Chairman, we will cut back on unnecessary plastic usage and make sure that there isn’t any plastic wastage around the campus. The trees we’ve planted today will be looked after by the students and they will take care of them during their entire stay in the university. This is to make them realize the importance of protecting the environment and how carelessness can impact it resulting in severe results.”

Dr. Ravi Gosain, Provost, BSDU, said, “Our skill students learn how to work with their hands and they are today following the vision of our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi by learning how planting even one tree can help out in protecting the environment. These students will learn how to be responsible for the world they live in and how they themselves create the world they live in. It is essential for these youngsters to understand that they have to be careful about how they treat the earth. It is time to start taking measures and the young blood of this country should take charge to create a change.”

About BSDU:

BSDU is a skill development university which is working towards bringing excellence to the skill development industry in India by providing an apt environment for providing proper training, quality infrastructure and well-designed curriculum to students and making them skilled and ready to compete at international levels. Students get training under experts and gain experience of working professionally with machines. The university provides practical training to students and follows the one student on one machine motto to give each individual a better training. BSDU works towards providing students training for the manufacturing and service industry and encourages the students to build careers based on their skills.

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