Meet Bhavaya Chawla – The Unstoppable Force In Sports & Fitness Industry

Aug 14 2019 12:27 PM
Meet Bhavaya Chawla – The Unstoppable Force In Sports & Fitness Industry

Bhavaya Chawla is one of the emerging names in the sports industry. He is an entrepreneur, a model and a public figure. He is the founder of a sportswear brand called ‘BUILT NATURAL’. The main aim of his brand is to make people the best version of themselves with the use of eco-friendly technologies. For him, fitness is above everything and he has been a huge inspiration for many when it comes to health and fitness.

He has gained a lot of popularity and has been featured in many news channels and newspapers. With being a part of many YouTube videos, he has been urging people to avoid harmful substances like steroids for body building. For Bhavaya, natural fitness comes first, and he is completely against any kind of anabolic or steroids. 

With having a perfect-toned body, Bhavaya has also been a model. He has done various photo shoots for various brands like Coke, Nokia , Shivan & Narresh Swimwear, Paras Builders among others. Apart from this, he has also walked the ramp at Wills Fashion Week, India. Entrepreneurship skills are something which makes him completely different from others. He is also the director of “JaiRaj Group of Industries” which deals in manufacturing of automotive components & plastic products since the last 33 years.

Talking about what made him a fitness blogger, Bhavaya told that he never felt to become a blogger until the responsibility came from within. Ever since the young lad has been in the fitness industry, he had been tagged as the hardworking boy with big dreams and fitness has been his major driving force. Over the years, he has been recognised as a ‘Natural Indian’ and he wishes to take his brand Built Natural across the globe in the coming years.

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