Bhind: Nurse busy on phone call gives two doses of covid vaccine to a woman

Bhind: The scourge of corona infection has now subsided in Madhya Pradesh and in the meantime the vaccination process has intensified. People are reaching out to get vaccinated. Now recently a shocking case has come to light. In fact, a nurse gave two doses of vaccine to a 28-year-old woman while talking on mobile at the vaccine centre set up at the Primary Health Centre Vikrampura campus.

Not only that, she was also going to get the third vaccine for the woman but the woman stopped her. On the other hand, the nurse now says that she has given only one vaccine. In this case (Bhind) Vikrampura resident Priyanka's wife Anup Shakya said, "In the morning her wife with her sister-in-law with to get the vaccine done. There, a nurse has given two a vaccine doses. And if she didn't stop the nurse, she would have injected the third vaccine. On the other hand, the nurse said about the case, she gave one vaccine to the women. In the case, Priyanka and her sister-in-law made a statement saying, "She was given two vaccines at a distance of one minute each. She has been vaccinated with a covishield which has also been given a certificate".

It is also reported that the woman has not suffered any physical and mental distress so far. This is not the first such case but the same has happened at the Primary Health Centre in Madauli area of Kanpur dehat area of Uttar Pradesh on 2nd April. Here too, a nurse was so busy talking on the phone that she had given two doses to the same woman at a distance of five minutes each. When the staff came to know about it, everyone was terrified. However, the woman did not have any side effects after being kept under observation for two hours.

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