This song of Akshara Singh gets 33 lakh views on YouTube

Feb 13 2020 07:36 PM
This song of Akshara Singh gets 33 lakh views on YouTube

After the release of the audio of Bhojpuri song 'Call Kare Kya' from the famous actress Akshara Singh of Bhojpuri cinema, its video has been released on YouTube. This song of Akshara is very fun both to listen and to watch. In the song, she is calling her boyfriend again and again and asking 'Call Kare Kya', which makes Akshara's boyfriend break up with her in the end.

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This song of Akshara is being liked very much among the audience on social media. This song has been viewed over 33 lakh times on YouTube, which shows the popularity of this song. Her Bhojpuri song 'Call Kare Kya' has also covered the TikTok. Fans of Akshara are making and sharing TikTok videos on this song. Adorned in the voice of Akshara, this Bhojpuri song has lyrics and music by Ashish Verma.

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Recently, Akshara's two Bhojpuri films 'Laila Majnu' and 'Love Marriage' have been released in theaters, which are getting a good response from the audience. Saving the social values, a unique saga of love is being told. The film stars Amrish Singh and superhit actress Akshara, whose chemistry will be seen on the Bhojpuri cine screen for the first time. The director of the film Vishnu Shankar has told that he has tried to make the film a meaningful film with a fresh concept.

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