Anjana Singh's role in Bhojpuri film 'Gunda' will be special, know more!

Jul 21 2019 06:37 PM
Anjana Singh's role in Bhojpuri film 'Gunda' will be special, know more!

Actress Anjana Singh and actor Vinod Yadav's film "Gunda" has been released, with both of them being well-loved. Both have high expectations for the film. The film is directed by Iqbal Bakhsh. Vinod Yadav, on the other hand, is very much excited about his film and in the same action, he has opened up a big secret by sharing the experience of the set of the film 'Gunda'.

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In his statement, he said, he had to fight with veteran Actress Anjani Singh on the set several times. Anjana has also taken this point. Vinod Yadav said, "This was my first film as an actor, which I am extremely excited about. In the early days on the set, we were also a victim of nervousness, yet we fought with Anjana Singh. Though she didn't mind, it was our quarrel over my mistakes," she added, "Then she used to do things with me, which made me learn a lot. He said, Anjana Singh is an outstanding actor and we enjoyed working with her. The film's casting is also excellent," he said.

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"I made a lot of mistakes on the set of the film, but that time I didn't turn my mouth into mistakes and admitted to challenging those mistakes. So my acting flourished, and when the trailer was released, I was also surprised. I was surprised," he said, adding that "the film has been very good, which everyone must have known when I saw the trailer."

"My role was extremely challenging in this film, for which I worked hard. This film is like a U-turn in my life. I would like to express my gratitude to Sikandar Khan for his chance in this film. Vinod Yadav appealed to Bhojpuri audience to watch the film "Gunda" and said, "When the film is released in cinemas, you go with the whole family and watch the film. Because our film is completely family. Hope everyone is going to love it."

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