Khesari-Antara’s chemistry seen in Bhojpuri song ‘Akhiya Ke Kajra’, video got millions of views

Another song by Khesari Lal Yadav, a well-known Bhojpuri actor and singer, has gone viral. The song from the movie 'Akhiyan Ke Kajra' has become a smash success. In the video for the song, Khesari is shown dancing magnificently. Antara Singh, a Khesari Lal actress, appears in the song video alongside Priyanka. The connection between the two has a lot of fans.

Khesari and Shilpi Raj have both performed the same song. The song has been released on the 'Annapurna Films' YouTube channel. Annapurna Films has a subscription base of over 3 lakh 46 thousand people. So far, Khesari's song has got over 63 lakh views. There have been almost 2 lakh 33 thousand likes. Akhilesh Kashyap wrote the lyrics for the song "Akhiyan Ke Kajra." Aryan Dev directed and composed the video. Subham Tiwari, on the other hand, is the composer. Fans are enamoured with the music and have grown fixated on their dance moves. Khesari Lal Yadav is also well-known for his dancing and performance.

Fans earlier adored Khesari Lal Yadav's 'Dehiya Mein Pen Ba' song with Shilpi Raghavani. On the occasion of Deepawali, Khesari's song "Red Lipstick" was released. People saw the song more than 1.50 lakh times every day. Khesari Lal and Khushboo Tiwari sang the song together, and Sudiksha Jha appeared in the video.

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