Bhopal: 48-yr-old doctor found dead in car on hospital premises

Bhopal: Bhopal has received some major news. Last Monday morning, the doctor's body was discovered in the parking area of a private hospital in Arera Colony. The doctor's automobile was used to recover the corpse. The doctor was said to be holding a needle, and the injection and an empty vial were discovered in the car. He may have committed suicide by injecting himself with poison. The corpse of the doctor in the case was postmortem by a team of three physicians, and the body was turned over to the family members.

"Dr Deepak Verma (48), a resident of Sagar Royal Villa, was a doctor at a private hospital in Arera Colony," said Habibganj police station in charge BL Prajapati. His duties were supposed to start last Monday morning, but when the physicians failed to arrive at the hospital, an attempt was made to contact him. When they could not be reached, a search was initiated. 'During the search, the doctor was discovered unconscious inside his automobile MP04 CN 5200 in the hospital parking lot around 10.30 a.m.'

He went on to say that when the staff saw him, they broke the glass, pulled the doctor out, and rushed him to the hospital. He was, however, no longer alive. He was holding a syringe, with the remainder of the shot and an empty vial in the vehicle. The hospital management alerted the police when the death was confirmed in the case, and the police arrived and took action. Preliminary inquiries into the matter have shown that the injection found in the automobile is used to keep the muscles calm throughout the procedure. Even a little amount of it relaxes the lungs and muscles, resulting in death due to a lack of oxygen.'

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