Bhopal crime branch take big action, seized fake milk tanker

Dec 15 2019 06:32 PM
Bhopal crime branch take big action, seized fake milk tanker

Bhopal: Bhopal crime branch has taken a big action on fake milk business. The officers of Crime Branch have seized the adulterated Sanchi milk tanker coming from Multai to Bhopal. It is being told that criminals used to extract 36 cans of milk from a tanker of Sanchi milk, whereas, they used to mix fake milk prepared instead.

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About 1000 to 1500 liters of counterfeit milk was made by mixing chemical and water to adulterate the milk tanker. This fake milk was mixed in a Sanchi milk tanker and sent to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. According to the information, after taking out the GPS from the tanker, the accused used to keep it at a puncture shop. After which the tanker was taken to a deserted area, where milk was adulterated.

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In this whole matter, the state Health Minister Tulsi Silawat has said that action has been taken under the war campaign for the cleanse. He further said, "I have called the MD of the Sanchi Dairy Association. I will take cognizance of the whole matter, it will also be seen that there was no such adulteration anywhere else." Minister PC Sharma has said that adulteration will not be forgiven, strict action will be taken against the accused. They will be sent to jail.

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