MP: 1.5 acres of land dispute took the life of woman

Bhopal: Nowadays, crime cases are gaining momentum. The recent case that has come to light is from the Nazirabad police station area. The woman who was sleeping in the house was brutally murdered here last Wednesday-Thursday night. About half a dozen people reportedly stabbed the woman several times in the face with an axe. Police are now on the lookout for the accused in the case. There has been panic in the village since the incident came to light.

Regarding the whole issue, the Nazirabad police station in charge Bharat Pratap Singh said, "Kanchanbai wife Ghursingh Gurjar (60) lived in Village Kadaiya Kheda. Her husband died a year ago. Kanchanbai has two sons. Among them, a son named Vinay lives with her, while the other son Dashrath lives in Bhopal. Kanchanbai has constructed a new house in the village. There are still doors to be installed in it. It was further stated that Kanchanbai had fallen asleep on the bed on the verandah of the house after dinner last Monday night. Her son Vinay had fallen asleep in another room. At around 2 pm, six people reached Kanchanbai's house with an axe and other tools. They stabbed Kanchan in the face with an axe.''

It is further stated that "the attackers fled the spot when the villagers left their homes after hearing the woman's screams.'' According to reports, the woman, who was badly injured in the attack, succumbed to her injuries on the spot. Police rushed to the spot and seized the body and sent it for postmortem. The dispute in the case has been attributed to a dispute over 1.5 acres of land. Police are on the lookout for the accused.

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