VIDEO: Wife saw husband with girl in gym beat both of them with shoes

Bhopal: A gym in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, was disturbed when a woman entered the gym and thrashed her husband and the girl with slippers. After seeing this sight, everyone present lost their senses. Now a video of the same incident is also going viral on social media at the moment. In this video you can see how a woman is beating her husband and his girlfriend. The entire case is said to be from Suja fitness centre in the Kohefija area of Bhopal. Here a wife (Urba Shahi) caught her husband (Talha Shamim) red-handed with his girlfriend, and then his anger grew so much that he started beating both of them.

The woman first thrashed both of them with slippers and then grabbed both of them by the hair and thrashed them. Meanwhile, someone informed the police. As soon as the police came to know about the case, the police rushed to the spot and calmed the matter down. The Kohefija police station in charge said, "The wife of a youth resident of Nurmahal Road had lodged a complaint of assault at Shahjahanabad police station some time ago, in the complaint alleging that her husband roamed around with another girl. On the other hand, the husband denied that he had clarified that I did not walk around with a girl.''

In this case, the woman has told the police that she had suspected her husband for a long time and that is why she had chased her husband everywhere. In the same sequence, she caught her husband in the gym with his girlfriend and thrashed him. Police have now registered a case of assault on the complaint of both sides in the case and initiated action.

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