When will the corona havoc finally end? Expert responds

New Delhi: The country is registering a huge increase in cases of corona infection every day. Suddenly increased cases have put the government in concern. India registered 2.47 lakh new corona cases on Wednesday. While 380 patients died during this period. The highest number of corona cases have been reported from Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

According to media reports, Professor Bhramar Mukherjee, a data scientist and epidemiologist at the University of Michigan, said cases of corona infection are on the rise in states like Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal. Hopefully the transition may slow down in the next seven or ten days. Mukherjee said corona infection cases may reach their peak in some states in the next seven days. While the third wave of corona will peak in India till the end of January. Asked if the infection of Omicron is increasing very fast as well as decreasing at the same speed?

Bhramar Mukherjee said that if you look at the figures of other countries, you will find that those infected with Omicron who have not been vaccinated need to be hospitalized. Therefore, I would like to urge people to get the vaccine done. He said the current corona wave could peak by the end of January and end by February.

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