Bhubaneshwar’s Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Singh, makes strides in Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery.
Bhubaneshwar’s Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Singh, makes strides in Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery.

Bhubaneshwar, India – Dr. Sandeep Singh, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, offers robotic knee replacement surgery in Bhubaneshwar. Robotic knee replacement surgery is a highly advanced surgical technique that initiates faster recovery while resolving knee joint problems.

Robotic knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed using a robotic arm to insert a replacement joint after removing the damaged portion of the knee. The robotic arm can remove the damaged knee joint and insert a new one. Also, there are software and imaging techniques through which the surgeon can refer while performing the surgery. Robotic knee replacement surgery delivers great precision and accuracy. Also, it is a minimally invasive procedure the patients recover faster and better. Moreover, the patients experience natural movement and a better range of motion and

Dr. Sandeep Singh says, ‘I recommend robotic knee replacement surgery as it delivers the new joint with precision and accuracy. With fast recovery and minimal trauma, the patients regain their ability to enjoy a good quality of life.’

Dr. Sandeep Singh is associated with Care Hospital Bhubaneswar, where he performs robotic knee replacement surgeries and robotic arthroplasty, total hip replacement and hip resurfacing procedures. He is an expert in treating sports injuries and lower limb sports injuries. His patients recover faster and better as he prefers arthroscopic and robotic surgical techniques. Also, they experience minimal trauma and pain during and after these minimally invasive procedures. 

Dr. Sandeep Singh enumerates the numerous benefits of a knee replacement surgery, viz., relief from pain and improved mobility. The patient resumes an active lifestyle, which is essential for good health. Also, the patient can manage and prevent various lifestyle disorders such as osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions, etc. 
After a knee replacement surgery, there is less risk of falls and related injuries. Additionally, the knees can give desired support and stability and improve the patient’s lifestyle. Hence, most orthopedic surgeons recommend robotic knee replacement surgeries.

About Dr. Sandeep Singh

Dr. Sandeep Singh is a leading orthopedic surgeon based in Bhubaneswar, India, with extensive expertise in knee and hip replacements, robotic arthroplasty, sports injuries, and rehabilitation. He has immense experience treating sports injuries, notably lower limb sports injuries, through surgical and non-surgical approaches. For better outcomes, he prefers advanced surgical procedures such as robotic and arthroscopic surgery. He is committed to offering comprehensive treatment and care to his patients, ensuring they thoroughly recover from injuries and regain their strength and movement. 

He is highly regarded amongst his patients and peers as one of the most well-qualified and emphatic orthopedic surgeons in Odisha.

Dr. Sandeep is available at Care Hospital Bhubaneswar, where he has established the first Department of Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation, sports surgery and robotic knee replacement unit treating patients with sports injuries in Odisha.

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