Big accident in Palghar, bus full of passengers fell in ditch, lives of dozens at stake"

Palghar: A bus full of passengers going from Bhusaval to Palghar towards Boisar bus depot in Maharashtra fell down (Palghar road accident). More than 15 passengers on the bus were injured. The accident took place near the Waghoba Valley of Palghar due to winding roads. The driver of the bus named Ratrani suddenly lost control and the bus fell into the ditch. This bus fell 20 feet down around 6 am.

As soon as the news of the same accident was received, the local people of Palghar and the police reached the spot. The passengers were rescued and some of the injured passengers were sent to Palghar Rural Hospital for treatment and some were sent to other hospitals. Passengers attributed the accident to the driver being drunk. Passengers say that they were constantly telling the conductor that the driver had drunk too much. Steering in his hand is dangerous. Even after this, the conductor ignored the words of the passengers. The driver was driving recklessly at a very high speed. Because of this the bus fell into the ditch.

According to the news received so far, all of the injured people are being treated properly. So far, not a single death has been reported in this accident. Buses are run by the State Transport Corporation under the name Ratrani. This night Rani bus was going from Bhusaval towards Boisar bus depot. Due to being drunk on the winding roads near Waghoba Pass at 6 in the morning, the driver could not handle the bus properly and the bus fell into the ditch. The matter is being investigated by the same police.

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