Big blow! Customers of this bank will not be able to withdraw more than Rs 5000, RBI imposes ban

New Delhi: With the financial situation deteriorating, now another bank has come under the scanner of the RBI's action. The central bank has put several per cent on the Shushruti Souhrada Sahakara Bank Niyamita in Bengaluru to rectify the deteriorating situation. Now the customers of this bank will not be able to withdraw more than 5 thousand rupees from their account.

On Thursday, the RBI, in an earnest statement, issued a directive to impose a number of restrictions on Shushruti Sammaniya Sahkara bank regulars. In addition to the withdrawal of the bank's customers, the central bank also banned granting or renewing any loan. The Reserve Bank said that all these restrictions have come into effect as soon as the business ended on April 07, 2022. The bank said the directions will come into force for the next six months from April 07. After six months, the situation will be reviewed and further decisions will be taken accordingly.

According to the same RESERVE BANK statement, the Shushruti Samrity Sahkara Bank Regular will no longer be able to renew any loan or give any new loan without the prior permission of the central bank. In addition, rbi's permission will also be required to be taken before making any investment, raising funds from somewhere, accepting fresh deposits, agreeing to make any payment or making a payment, selling any property through any kind of sale or another arrangement. The central bank also said in the statement that customers holding savings accounts, current accounts or any other deposits in Shushruti Sammaniya Sahkara bank regularly will not be able to withdraw more than 5,000 rupees. According to the RBI's directions, withdrawals of up to Rs 5,000 can be allowed.  

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