Big Boss 4 Telugu : Monal Safe Lasya Exit

Nov 22 2020 10:02 PM
Big Boss 4 Telugu : Monal Safe Lasya Exit

The tasks given by the Big Boss are one of the heights of cooking for everyone. Lassi is cooking for all the contestants in the Big Boss House since the first week. She did everything for those who asked for it without any boredd. But the same cooking has once come into the nomination. She nominated Divi Lassy a lot of sick ness. Lassi cried, saying that it was not the fridge but it was not cooking. Ganga was also back at the time. She was also named as the kitchen cooking by the netizens who went back to the kitchen to fill the stomach. But what is the benefit of social media is that she is eliminated this week.

Meanwhile, the star has released the promo to show the interest of the 'Who will leave our house?' While all are happy to dance, the competition is increasing day by day. Nagarjuna's elimination is going to be a day-by-day. The trains were in the hearts of the contestants. The netizens who have seen this promo are saying that we know who is eliminated. Our cooking lassa is the last time in the show that we do not know that we will be eliminated

Abhijit, Sohail, Harika, Monal, Ariana and Lassyare in the nomination. Monal is expected to be eliminated. But in friday's episode, Monal akhil was not a harka. The captain made the captain for putting us on him. Avinash was not able to stand long after taking Akhil and Sohail and Abhijit, monal said that he would put us on me with a daring smile and put the hand on me. Seven times the captaincy has won the victory for the defeated harikka. Monal Bala Manto was known to all. She proved that she was a female. As a result, she got more votes on Friday. In the last minute, Lassya was pulled down and moved to her top position. This week she was able to escape from elimination.

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