Big Boss is in danger! Emergency testing of contestants, Rakhi said - 'Lord save us'

The house of bigg boss, a popular reality show in the television world, is under great threat. There is an emergency in the house. Which has scared all the contestants. All the contestants have undergone medical examination. But what the investigation was about and what it was for will be reported in the upcoming episode.

The promo of the same show has surfaced in which all the contestants are being checked emergency. The body temperature of the contestants was majorized. He underwent a skin test. All the contestants are scared to see it. Everybody is asking different questions. Someone said, "Is it deadly?" Is it dangerous? Does it happen on the skin? What are the symptoms?

The same Rakhi Sawant was seen praying to God. He said save them all, God. Host Salman Khan also scared the contestants saying it was going to be very bad. Now what the investigation was about was corona testing or something else, the audience will know in the upcoming episode. Saturday's episode is going to be very tremendous. Salman will hit out at the contestants. Tejashwi Prakash to be the target of host Salman Khan this week. Salman Khan has slammed Tejashwi for his behaviour. The way Tejashwi cornered the channel has passed salman khan a nagwar. Salman said to Tejashwi, "Do you make holes in the plate you eat?"

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