Big disclosure about coronavirus, received warning earlier
Big disclosure about coronavirus, received warning earlier

Beijing: The deadly coronavirus wreaking havoc all around the globe. Every day thousands of people died worldwide due to this virus. The number of infected people is constantly increasing, not only that, now the coronavirus has also taken the form of an epidemic, after which the shortage of food in people's homes is increasing. Many innocent lives have come to the brink of destruction. Till date the death toll has crossed 4 lakh 70 thousand worldwide and still no break of this virus has been found. According to the information received, the panic of the epidemic started six months ago, how much scientists have discovered about the coronavirus so far?

First Warning: To understand the impact of a virus on our health and how fast it will spread, it is important to know about the onset of the virus. Coronavirus shocked people since the beginning. When the world was preparing to celebrate the arrival of 2020, Dr. Li Wenliang of the Emergency Department of Wuhan Central Hospital in China received seven patients. All of them were suffering from lung disease pneumonia. They were all quarantined.

On December 30, Dr. Li Wenliang, along with his colleagues on the private WeChat messaging app, feared if a new round of SARS (sewer acute respiratory syndrome) had arrived? SARS is also a form of coronavirus. It first appeared in China in 2003. After this, it spread to 26 countries and more than eight thousand people came in its grip. However, the disease that Dr. Lee identified was not the second stage of SARS but the first stage of Covid-19 virus (SARS-Cove-2). According to Chinese media, three days after warning of the spread of the disease among his colleagues, Dr. Lee was detained by the police on charges of spreading rumors along with eight others. After returning to work, Dr. Lee became infected with Covid-19. 34-year-old Dr. Lee died on February 7. He is survived by his pregnant wife and a son.

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