Big filmmakers of Uttarakhand were not seen in Dhami's program, Jitendra said, I am not active at all

In a significant development, Uttarakhand's Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, engaged with the film industry in Mumbai on Tuesday. During this meeting, he discussed the various incentives and subsidies offered by the Uttarakhand government to filmmakers. Additionally, he solicited suggestions on how to boost the film industry in Uttarakhand. However, the absence of many prominent filmmakers and artists from Uttarakhand was a notable topic of discussion throughout the event.

Prominent Actor Jitendra's Surprising Presence

Actor Jitendra's presence at the event raised eyebrows as he confessed to being out of touch with the industry and expressed uncertainty about offering suggestions on the matter.

Jitendra stated, "For such occasions, we should invite someone like Ekta (Kapoor) who is actively involved in film production. She can provide better insights. As I am not currently active in the industry, I am not sure what advice I can offer."

Suggestions for Enhancing the Film Industry

While Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami sought suggestions on how to promote the film industry in Uttarakhand, only a few industry stalwarts, namely Vivek Agnihotri and Ramesh Taurani, came forward with ideas.

Vivek Agnihotri's Proposal

Vivek Agnihotri emphasized the need for introspection and suggested organizing a film festival lasting three to four days in Uttarakhand. He proposed showcasing quality films and encouraging local artists and technicians to engage in discussions about the films. Agnihotri used Pune's film institute as an example and recommended establishing a similar institute in Uttarakhand.

Ramesh Taurani's Recommendation

Ramesh Taurani's recommendation centered on expediting the subsidy disbursal process. He pointed out that filmmakers often face delays in receiving subsidies, and if these funds are disbursed promptly, it can significantly benefit the producers.

Promoting Uttarakhand as a Filming Destination

The meeting also aimed to explore ways to promote Uttarakhand as a filming destination. Uttarakhand offers breathtaking natural beauty and diverse locations for film shoots. Chief Minister Dhami stressed the importance of showcasing these picturesque locations to the industry and creating a welcoming environment for filmmakers.

Wrapping It Up

The interaction between Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and the film industry in Mumbai was a significant step towards enhancing Uttarakhand's appeal as a destination for filmmakers. While not many prominent industry figures from Uttarakhand were present, the suggestions put forward by Vivek Agnihotri and Ramesh Taurani hold the potential to boost the state's film industry. Uttarakhand's scenic landscapes have much to offer, and with the right support and initiatives, it could become a thriving hub for the film industry.

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